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    Hailing from the city of Chicago and a few of the burbs, Veilside in its current form has been a force on the Chicago music scene since 2006. Combining influences from across the musical spectrum, Veilside is a modern melodic rock band in the vein of their influences Nickelback, Shinedown, and Black Stone Cherry.

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    Truly a band of brothers. The members of Friction are friends first and bandmates second. They've always believed that the time spent together off stage is just as important as the time spent on stage.

    Powerful music with a positive message. Almost 7 years ago, Friction set out to become a different kind of cover band. One that appeals to you, your kids AND your parents. One that chooses to play upbeat songs that rock, but aren't angry or dark. One that finds deep cuts to add to their set list, songs that we all can sing along with, but haven't been over played by other cover bands.

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    While much of the current music may seem a far cry from the gospel songs Thomas sang with his parents every Sunday for nursing home residents in his small hometown of Pekin, Illinois, the seeds planted during those childhood visits sprouted deep roots. Long before he discovered and began emulating powerhouse vocalists like Journey's Steve Perry or Queensryche's Geoff Tate, a much-younger Tommy Edwards was digesting the wordplay and delivery of Country icons like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. It's this contrast in influences that inspired the broad scope of material comprising the sounds you hear from Thomas.

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    ARRA is one of the best and largest drawing classic rock cover bands in the Chicagoland area, and has been for the past 2.5 decades! By performing the biggest hits by the biggest bands of all time, with precision and excellence... it has been,and continues to be, the secret to our success. Our unparalleled vocal harmonies and incredible musicianship is also what has brought us to being one of the most sought after club and festival bands in the Chicago area markets.

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    Racing the Sun

    Racing the sun began its existence in 2014 with members Bill Carlson and Don Berg and has since rounded out with the ultimate rhythm section of Randy Kertz and Sargon Beblis. Record Releases:

    Racing the Sun-EP 2014
    Killing Time-LP 2017
    Road to Somewhere-LP 2018
    Smokehouse-EP 2018

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    Long in the making, explosive in its arrival, Aeth3r rockets into the live scene with a sound both challenging and familiar. The songs are filled with powerful, unforgettable hooks, yet the songcraft is anything but cliche. Adventurous, electric, and musically satisfying in a way few radio-ready bands are, Aeth3r represents the culmination of years of creative effort on the part of its members. Aeth3r has garnered a significant fan base through word of mouth, the internet, and the underground distribution of CDs. The bands distinctive sound meshes well with hard alternative, active rock, and progressive headliners, and their professionalism and musicianship are absolutely beyond reproach.